Turnkey Projects

Turnkey projects

We offer general contractor service for turnkey projects: a single point of contact for design, logistics, assembly and civil works. We are committed in respecting the delivery time and ensuring the quality.


Our Team of specialists deeply evaluates the requests and identifies innovative and integrated solutions by drawing up a feasibility study. It takes into consideration the technical, logistical, layout and economic aspects. The various proposals are submitted and evaluated together with the Customer for a result that complies with their needs, provides a high added value, with particular attention to quality and cost optimization.


In our sector, logistics is a crucial aspect both in terms of cost saving and timeframes - Thus, among the design criteria, the standardization and compliance to the various means of transport in order to minimize costs is essential.
Our Team collaborates with the most prestigious international Freight Forwarders that ensure an excellent service and respectful of contractual timelines.

On-site assembly

The products are designed and build to ensure quick and easy on-site installation with minimal use of heavy equipment and skilled labor, making it possible for the Customer own workers to carry out the assembly.
For more complex projects we can also provide our technicians supervision, or carry out the installation activities with our own personnel, assisted by external technicians for special plants.

Civil works

We provide extensive and varied experience in the design and construction of civil works: excavations, foundations, roads, external networks - electrical, water supply, and drainage. In various areas of the world, even the most remote, we collaborate with rigorously selected sub-contractors according to the highest standards of quality and reliability, placing utmost attention on workplace safety and environmental protection.