Each Sector has specific

Each Sector has specific needs our experience enables to design and manufacture products tailored to the characteristics of each project.

Defense / Military

Specific products that meet the most restrictive standards and design criteria of the military sector (i.e. NATO, USARCENT Standards UFC)

  • Modular, versatile
  • Robust, suitable for extreme climates and remote areas
  • Easily transportable
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Minimal maintenance

We provide integrated design, a wide choice of materials, a production capacity capable of managing peaks in short time, in-house and on-site training.

Peacekeeping – Emergency

Specific products that respond to particular emergency requests:

  • Made in series, simple and quick to assemble
  • High production capacity in short time
  • Easy to transport and relocate in extreme conditions and environments
  • Maintenance reduced to a minimum
  • Low economic impact

Our Team collaborates with the most prestigious international shipping companies, ensuring excellent service and, above all, adherence to contractual timelines.

Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction

Integrated and diversified design, customized products for every specific customer request.

  • Study of specific layouts
  • Future adaptability based on construction site needs (for changes in workforce)
  • Adherence to implementation timelines
  • Comfort for users

For more complex projects, we can provide supervision by our technicians or carry out installation activities with our personnel, supported by external technicians for special systems.


Integrated and diversified design, customized products for every specific need.

  • Study of specific layouts
  • Installation of special systems and hospital systems
  • Robust, easily transportable
  • Integration with tent solutions for immediate operation of emergency departments